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Over two decades of passionate effort by Shri. Srinivasa Gowdru has brought to life the Karnataka Human Rights Panel.

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KHRP derives uncompromised guidance and support of Shri. Srinivas Gowdru in every step of all wings of KHRP.

Shri. Srinivas Gowdru is also focussing on several long term illnesses that the society faces in terms of mis-administration and ill-planning. Such evils of society will result in a huge negative impact on the present and coming generations. As a leader of thought and vision, his adept planning and inculcative guidance has led KHRP to focus in several areas like Land Encroachment, Lake Encroachment, Rajakalue Encroachment and other illegalities that will bear devastating consequences on the coming generations.
That apart, defending human rights has reached a critical stage, as defenders of human rights are under continuous attack by the state authorities. Defending human rights in the absence of the defenders is an impossible task! At the state forum discussion on Human Rights Defenders, Human Rights law network has portrayed its indisputable motive of bringing together all the Human Rights Defenders, Activists, Lawyers and grass root level Social Workers, under one single roof, so as to uphold the spirit of humanity, while raising the essence of human rights.
An exclusive component to achieve the dream of building a `right full society` is to achieve cognizance between the action and the noble thoughts of all the defenders of Human Rights.
Shri. Srinivas Gowdru`s deft capacity in bridging various nuances and red tapism across several agencies and government bodies, to ensure best practices and rapid closure of Human Rights Violations in a complete apolitical and humane manner has reaped benefit to hundreds of victims of Human Rights. All the members, vounteers and office bearers of KHRP whole heartedly thank him for his leadership, mentorship and guidance and hope to reap from his values and ethics for a long time to come.